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    Assessment of body work

    What work is needed to be carried out?

    Is it a Monster By Dre or repair?

    Can you carry out the work yourself or will you require professional help?

    Do you have all Monster Beats specialist tools needed to carry out the repairs and work?

    Do you have all the correct certification to carry out the work? Welding work will require a certified welder to carry out the work.

    Do you have adequate space to carry out the work required?


    How much time can you monster ibeats canada to your restoration?


    What is the estimated cost taking into account the timescales you have given yourself?

    How much money do you have limited edition colors beats restore your car?

    How much work will you have to do yourself?

    Road Tax

    Is the car permanently off the road? If it is not of a certain age will you need to make the car SORN whilst carrying out the restoration?

    Acquiring parts

    To purchase parts for your vehicle maybe difficult as many parts become discontinued stock.

    It maybe possible to replace the part with a modern alternative.

    Second hand parts could be an option although if you can find the part you need it maybe in the same condition as the one you already have.

    Where to find parts.

    There are many ways to find parts if you are restoring on a shoe string.

    Car parts suppliers.

    Some modern suppliers may still have Beats Stereo Bluetooth parts. Most parts after a certain period become discontinued, although there maybe a modern equivalent that is suitable although not authentic. You might even be lucky and there might be some old stock!

    Specialist car suppliers maybe your next option as they specialise in classic cars.

    Newspapers and newsagent windows

    You never know what will be advertised. You may want to advertise a Wanted space yourself, but that can be costly. If you want to keep the costs down ask them for a late space advertisement. If they have spare spaces to fill and you can negotiate a better advertising rate.

    Newsagents window are cheap and effective although localised. Keep a look out for adverts in your local newsagents for garage clearances, motor parts and vehicles for sale.






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